Create surveys with new Webropol 2.0 core service

Whether conducting extensive research or quick and ad hoc information gathering, Webropol 2.0 makes it easy to interact with interest groups such as:
  • staff
  • members
  • customers
  • business prospects
  • Facebook groups
  • subcontractors
  • sponsors
  • board members
  • etc.

Make administrative solutions more flexible and individual with Webropol

Webropol Integration is quick to implement. It is a very cost efficient solution when you want your CRM or ERP system to be more adaptable and flexible.

When integrating Webropol to your administrative system, you are able to e.g. update your database directly with customer information collected with Webropol.

Use familiar MS Office tools to create and send Webropol surveys.

Prepare surveys in MS Word which provides you familiar editing functions and capabilities as well as spell checking.

Using Webopol Office Addins, you can quickly and easily import your surveys to Webropol 2.0 core service, where you can work on further settings e.g. defining which questions can be skipped if the respondent gives a specific answer on a question.

Creating surveys in MS Outlook allows you to create ad hoc and daily surveys easier than ever.

Webropol 2.0 allows you to create and send quick surveys directly via MS Outlook e.g. to collect relevant information for your department form your customers. A link to the survey report is automatically sent to your inbox in Outlook.

KOMIN SIA is official distributor of Webropol in Latvia – Lithuania – Estonia