Services provided by KOMIN  in occupational safety

  • consultations on occupational safety services offered by KOMIN;
  • consulting clients on occupational safety issues in their company.
The customer receives professional advice and answers to all questions the customer is unclear about.

  • determination of the national occupational safety normative acts applicable to the company;
  • evaluation of the occupational safety system in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts;
  • determining the effectiveness of current occupational safety measures.
The customer receives a full assessment of the occupational safety situation in the company.

Creation of OSH system
  • organizational structures are established;
  • provision of internal monitoring of the working environment;
  • arranging the necessary occupational safety documentation;
  • ensuring dialogue, promoting the exchange of opinions, mutual consultation with employees.
The customer receives a plan for internal monitoring of the working environment, a package of necessary documentation.

Identification and assessment of risk factors
  • workplace inspections, risk assessment;
  • informative measurements of physical factors;
  • determination of measures to improve the working environment;
  • selection of personal protective equipment;
  • evaluation of the suitability of work equipment and workplace.
The customer receives prepared work environment inspection documents, the employee is informed.

OSH system maintenance
  • regular visits and maintenance of occupational safety systems;
  • improvement of occupational safety documentation.
The customer receives a functional occupational safety system and the company's representative during inspections by inspection institutions.

  • development of curricula, management of employee training.
The customer receives employees who are educated and knowledgeable in occupational safety.

Fire safety briefing

We offer to organize a fire safety briefing in your company under the guidance of an experienced VUGD (State Fire and Rescue Service) specialist. Instruction includes:
  1. Theoretical training appropriate to the specifics of your company;
  2. Evacuation practical attempts;
  3. Practical eraser lessons with primary erasers;
  4. Answers to questions. Proposals for improving the firefighting system.

Accident investigation
  • the accident is being investigated;
  • preparation of necessary documentation.
The customer receives a professional incident at work and the accident is investigated.