Online surveys with Webropol 2.0 survey tool

Webropol 2.0 has been developed to be as easy and fast to use for basic survey needs as it is for the demanding needs of analysts and experts. IT knowledge is not necessary to be able to take advantage of Webropol. It is used for large scale research as well as for quick daily ad-hoc surveys.

Creating surveys in new Webropol 2.0 is easier than ever; you just follow the buttons highlighted in orange. In addition, shortcuts to different stages of the survey process also save time.

Create easy online surveys with Webropol 2.0 survey software

Webropol 2.0 includes more features and an easier user interface which makes your work flow effortless and quicker. Here are a few of Webropol 2.0 features:

  • New easy-to-use user interface
  • Orange color guiding the user
  • Several shortcuts to different stages in the survey process
  • Many different question types e.g. fourfold and numerical question types
  • Jump to question feature
  • Dynamic paging feature
  • Quick (ad hoc) Webropol surveys directly from MS Outlook (New feature)
  • Prepare long surveys in MS Word (New feature)
  • Automatic alert messages launched from specific answers from respondent
  • Automatic reply to respondents (e.g. confirmation email) after answering a survey
  • Automatically closing the survey when specified number of respondents have answered the survey
  • Test the survey with test answers before sending/publishing it to respondents
  • Flexible reporting with many features, charts and editing possibilities
  • Combine responses from different surveys on to one report
  • Export responses to Excel, Power Point and Word for further editing
  • Export real time reports e.g. to the Intranet, mobile phone, desktop or by e-mail to other team members
  • Easy handling of respondents demographic information e.g. on reports